Chrispay! (cmhkorn) wrote in theswap,

pictures of the swap item i received from peep:

Image hosted by

There's a bird inside on a swing. He lost his beak on the way out of the package.... but I found it and plan to re-attach it.
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oh gosh. I just noticed how sad he looks without his beak
that's beautiful:)
is that wire?
and mailable, how...
yeah, it's wire.

she mailed it to me in a box with ...pillow stuffing? (not sure what it's called).
awwww, beakless birdie!! that's so weird that it could fall off, but the rest of it be ok! :D
thanks for posting pics! i'm glad you like it!

huh.. i just realized i forgot to put a wire on top, too, so you could hang it! :/

thats so cute and creative.