mon_seul (mon_seul) wrote in theswap,

I know that voidedentry is busy, so since i have a little extra time, and the pictures, i thought i'd be nice and post the pics for her. :)

So here's what i made, and i hope everyone likes it. *pic heavy*

1st- the bag. when i heard the theme, i immediately thought of a purse with a bee on it. the orange zipper doesn't really match, but it sorta matches the inside, and i liked it. i was going to do the bee line with my machine, but it didn't turn out the way i wanted it to, so i painted it instead.

the inside. i found the fabric at a thrift store, and fell in love. it's so soft and i think its fabulous.

then a little make-up bag. goes along with the 'love' theme. that was done by the machine. and it was surprisingly easy. too bad nothing else i did after that came out. :(

the inside. festive spring print.

i love this thing a whole lot. its crooked a bit, and definetly not perfect, but i really like it. it's from a joanna newsome song that she said she liked. so i took my favorite lyric from it. :)

hope you all enjoyed!!! i loved making it!



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