Ashey (ashey) wrote in theswap,

What I've send for the swap

(She received it in July, I forgot to post)

I made her a pencil/brush case.
I got the survey of my swap partner (cool_it_yo) - and the things I use to do this craft were that two of her favorite colors were black and red, that one of her hobbies was painting and her fav song was "Hopeless romantic", by the Bouncing Souls.

Love was the theme, I used the red because of that, and it was her fav color too. Along with black ribbons to close it.

I've created a background that had to do with the theme, I was very pleased with the result, I used some stencils from the Internet, but I've applyed them in fabric. (I was planning to use the boy/girl stencil and the tree one for a long time, and this was a good chance). I've put in the bird to complement. I decided to sew on because I like stitchpixie a lot and decided on trying that. There are a few invisible to the naked eye mistakes, because it was my first attempt on doing this ;)

It fits her brushes, and in lenght too.

Then I finished with the title of her fav song, because it had everything to do with the theme.
Behind were the pencils go, there's a gap for her to put whatever (little pieces of paper for doing color experiences, for example).

In the end I realized I shouldn't have used this kind of fabric, it is vinyl, because is too thick to roll it up, but it was the red fabric I had..

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