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Craft Swap
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Welcome to the swap world wide craft swap community.

-please read the community info before you join
-the grandpoombah is kira_snugz
-there will be a new theme every two months
-people have two months to make and send their craft
-swap partners will be assigned randomly by the mod and eeny meenie miny mo
-the mod will have the addresses, and will send them out only to the sender
-there is a 10 buck spending limit (feel free to go above it, but at your own discretion)
-you have to then pay shipping to the address you are assigned
-anyone can suggest new themes
-themes will be random
-you can make your craft out of anything, but it has to be mailable
-do not post full pictures of your craft before you send it. whomever receives it will take pictures if the can and post them
-you can post theme related question and partial pics (not saying who it will be going to) of your craft